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Welcome to Wings!
(Please set up your account in this main page of Wings. Registration is through the "join" button on the top of the page.)


Wings is organized as a system of legions to accelerate the leveling potential of each player by grouping them in separate legions based on their level in Aion.  This narrows the gap between player levels so that they can help one another accelerate through communicating vital information and grouping in quests.  We seek to push each player to their fullest potential.  The entire legion system was created on thanksgiving of 2009.


We do everything as ONE; socialize, raid, siege and increase each elite legion ranking as quickly as possible.  Doing it alone whether for XP or PVP is much less fun and much more frustrating.  Be on the initiative to get together with other fellow legionnaires.  It is always more exciting to kill in groups while PVPVE, especially in the Abyss. WE ARE ALL ABOUT TEAMWORK.

-Basic legions- Wings and I Wings I for levels 1-15 (Recruiting Purposes).

-Intermediate legion- II Wings II for levels 15-25.
(You advance as a Centurion at level 20 and can use legion warehouse & invite players to join legion.)

-Elite legions- X Wings X & XI Wings XI for levels 25-50
(working towards each legions ranking and player leveling. A Brigade General will be appointed to each elite legion as other elite legions are opened to accommodate  players that graduate through our system.  To be a Centurion, you must at least be level 35) 


-Forum Registration for Intermediate players and above
-Ventrilo use and registration (Recommended)
-Non stagnant player (depending on legion you are in)
-Maturity is a must, irrespective of age

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